Carter-Silk     on     "Disruptive Technologies"

Orji     on     "Examining Missing Cybersecurity Governance Mechanisms in the African Union Convention on Cybersecurity and Personal Data Protection"

 van Eecke     on     "The new Duty for Search Engines to Remove Undesired Personal Data from Name Search Results - Right to Be Forgotten"
(an analysis of CJEU, decision of 13 May 2014, C-131/12, CRi 2014, pp. 77; see also
                    - "Remarks From a US Perspective" by Spelman/Towle, CRi 2014, pp. 85, and
                    - "Remarks From an Irish Perspective" by Tobin, CRi 2014, pp. 87)

Becker/ Werkmeister     on     "Net Neutrality – new US approach vs. EU regulation"

Nagel     on     "Duty for ISPs to Block Access"
(an analysis of CJEU, decision of 27 March 2014, C-314/12, CRi 2014, pp. 48, on ordering an ISP to block access by customers to websites making available infringing content)








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